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Why choose us

At Todo Turismo S.R.L. we are proud of our work of more than 17 years, being the only ones that offer a daily tourist service from La Paz to Uyuni and from Uyuni to La Paz, with dinner and breakfast service on board, with high standards of quality, whatever we do, we do it well. We are very self-critical and work on our shortcomings, continually pushing ourselves and others to improve and set a higher bar.

Our greatest point in favor is the maintenance of our buses, without a doubt our main work tools comply with a strict maintenance control, the buses are electronic VOLVO brand with high technology and with a failure warning system in case of any mechanical situation and many technical characteristics that give us a lot of security and peace of mind on the road.

The impeccable condition of our buses, cleaning and disinfection is carried out daily as preventive measures against covid-19.

Our online shopping system is totally friendly and safe, it is protected for your security with the Secure Trust seal.

La Paz

Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 2287038
WhatsApp +(591) 76974976
Pasaje Kramer Nro. 710, casi Av. Uruguay (subiendo las gradas) como referencia 100 antes de llegar a la terminal de buses
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado de horas 09:30 a 12:30 y 14:30 a 21:00
Domingo y feriados de horas 16:00 a 21:00
Somos una empresa que brinda conford y seguridad transportandolo a una maravilla natural del planeta.


Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 693-3337
Av. Cabrera 158, entre Av. Arce y calle Bolívar
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado, domingo y feriados de 07:30 a 12:30 y de 14:30 a 21:00