Tourist Service Master Suite Bed 4 rows


Attention on board

In all our Tourist Services, you will receive the assistance of a person trained to provide you with all the attention that the Company has for your trip. Our on-board attendant will welcome you on board in each of our units, inform you of the food services that will later be provided, the security measures for a comfortable trip and will give you the details of the trip. For your comfort and well-being, the bus has a chemical toilette.

Semi Bed - Master Suite

Our master suite semi-bed service is available in a row of 4 seats, we offer super comfortable cloth seats that differ from the bed service only in the size of the armrests, the seats have from 3 to 6 recline points and 160 degrees of inclination. support for legs and feet. Seat belt and USB ports. Individual headphones that allow the passenger individual control of the audio.


Passengers receive a one-seat polar blanket and a pillow with a sterile cover inside our buses.

Hot Dinner

We offer hot dinner service, with natural organic ingredients prepared with the most rigorous hygiene and quality controls, ensuring that our passengers always receive fresh, safe and nutritious food.

Note: We offer special menu for vegetarian and gluten intolerant passengers. This service must be requested at the time of purchase of your ticket or contacting us with a minimum of 24 hours before your departure to:


Before the arrival to the City of La Paz, we offer orange or apple juice with a ham and cheese sandwich.

Upon the arrival in Uyuni, passengers are offered orange or apple juice with a ham and cheese sandwich. Additionally, our hot drinks, coffee, and / or variety of different teas (this service is available in our offices in Uyuni). Also, vegetarian or gluten free breakfast is available.


All our passengers receive a bottle of water of 500cc without gas, coffee and / or natural teas during the dinner.

Audio & Video

17 "LCD screens and video player. Individual hearing that allows the passenger to individually control the audio

WI-FI Connection

On board our buses on the route La Paz - Oruro - Uyuni - Oruro - La Paz. (Because it is a long route in some areas we do not have service)


Our buses are equipped with a toilette with chemical treatment


A satellite GPS is monitoring throughout the whole journey

Acclimatized Bus

Our buses are heated to a temperature of 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, at the same time the bus counts with air conditioner system

First Aid

If necessary and for your safety, the bus is provided an oxygen tube and first aid kit.

La Paz

Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 2287038
WhatsApp +(591) 76974976
Pasaje Kramer Nro. 710, casi Av. Uruguay (subiendo las gradas) como referencia 100 antes de llegar a la terminal de buses
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado de horas 09:30 a 12:30 y 14:30 a 21:00
Domingo y feriados de horas 16:00 a 21:00


WY 82801 - US
Somos una empresa que brinda conford y seguridad transportandolo a una maravilla natural del planeta.


Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 693-3337
Av. Cabrera 158, entre Av. Arce y calle Bolívar
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado, domingo y feriados de 07:30 a 12:30 y de 14:30 a 21:00