TODO TURISMO S.R.L. NIT 1022047027


TODO TURISMO S.R.L. NIT 1022047027


Cochabamba, 1830 Eduardo Caba St., Phone +(591) 4 4240948

Branch 1 La Paz: 710 Kramer passage and Uruguay Av. Phone + (591) 2 2287038 (Bus station area)

Branch 2 Uyuni: 158 Cabrera St. Phone: +(591) 2 6933337 (Bus station area)

In compliance with the regulations of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, we ask the passengers to read this “ADHESION CONTRACT” carefully.


  • Transport people safely to the agreed place within the period from the vehicle specified in the contract as well as luggage in the same conditions that it was received.
  • The Operator established clearly the departure place, time, and company name.
  • Comply the departure time indicated on the bus ticket, except for reasons not attributable to the operator (accidental and / or higher strength) Correctly apply the maximum rates of reference approved by the Superintendent of Transportation.
  • Properly apply the maximum reference rates approved by the Superintendent of Transport Require people (parents or guardians) who wish to purchase bus tickets for minors traveling alone ID, birth certificate of children and the permission granted by the appropriate authority.
  • Children and infants must be accompanied by an adult either the parent or guardian. Children from 1 to 11 years old pay 67% of the adult fare with the rigth to a seat and 44 pounds of luggage. We do not transport unaccompanied children.
  • If you are traveling with children, for apply the discount you must to send a copy of the identity document of the child to email:

  • The Operator provides 20% discount to single presentation of their identity to passengers over 60 years of Bolivian nationality.
  • The operator does not transport minors under 18 traveling alone


  • Provide information required to issue the ticket and check that this is completed correctly: Location, date-hour trip, the bus-number and rate category.
  • Read the content of the passage
  • Be present in our offices at least 30 minutes before the departure of the bus.
  • Transportation of valuables items in the checked baggage it is not allows such as jewelry, antiques, etc. also cash, checks, credit or debit cards, passports, etc.
  • In case of lost luggage will be compensated up to the amount of Bs. 70.- per kilo.
  • Sending or content of jewelry, negotiable papers and / or identifying titles or other securities in the declared baggage it is strictly prohibited.
  • It is forbidden to transport products in your luggage that can cause any type of smell containing readily decomposable acids such as explosives, flammable materials and / or controlled substances law.
  • At your destination, receiving their luggage without comment by the consignee is they were delivered in a good condition and in conformity, unless proven otherwise.

We shall have no liability for any delay or failure to carry you, or for breach of contract, where caused by a circumstance beyond our reasonable control. The following shall be considered to be circumstances beyond our reasonable control: war or threat of war; accidents causing delays on the service route, exceptional severe weather conditions, fire and/or damage at a station, compliance with requests of the police, customs or other government, officials and security services, deaths and accidents on the road, vandalism and ‘terrorism, unforeseen traffic delays, strike/industrial action, riot or local disturbance or unrest, problems caused by other customers, the coach being held or delayed by a police officer; customs official or governmental official, and other circumstances affecting passenger safety.


We are a scheduled coach service operator, and do not have any knowledge of your purpose of travel. We accordingly do not accept any liability for loss of enjoyment or other similar types of loss.


  • Todo Turismo S.R.L. is a Tour Operator, which performs a different job to conventional transportation service, giving passengers additional comfort services and personalized attention is for this reason that the Company makes an additional charge for additional services provided at our offices and during your trip. In our Touristic Service.
  • The bus ticket is personal, not transferable and valid for the date and time recorded in the same character. If this were not used on that occasion, you will lose all validity.
  • If you decline to travel up to two (2) days before the departure of the bus, the operator returns 80% the value of the ticket, 20% correspond for taxes and administrative expenses
  • In case of loss of ticket, we will extend other ticket without Bolivian taxes.
  • The passenger can carry 20 kilograms of luggage on the bus mailboxes, the additional weight plus will be paid according to rates set by the operator.
  • The dimensions of hand baggage must not exceed the carrying luggage compartments inside the bus It is forbidden to sell tickets directly to minors traveling alone.
  • It is not permitted to transport women traveling with 6 or more months pregnant. In case of childbirth the operator shall not be responsible for the costs and consequences.
  • The operator does not accept the transport of persons with alcoholic strength, drug use or any type of hallucinogen that alters the good order on the bus, the company in this situation may call to the security forces.
  • The passenger can request changes of travel date and / or the route up to 48 hours before the trip, a penalty of $us 5.- applies by ticket and / or route.
  • TODO TURISMO S.R.L. not is responsible for the loss of electronic devices, such as tablets, phones, i phones, i pod, computers, cameras, professional and / or special camera equipment etc.
  • TODO TURISMO S.R.L. is not responsible for loss and / or theft of cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, we also are not responsible for lost passports and identity document, purses, wallets, backpacks, bags, jewelry, watches, etc.
    • Your ticket is your invoice and the electronic record of the online purchase, on our touristic bus service, plus our acceptance of transport you and transport your luggage.
    • The ticket will be sent to your email. On your ticket will be your travel information route, date, time and place of departure.
    • Tickets are non-transferable and only valid for the date and entered route, if it was not used will lose all validity. When you board our buses you must show: A document with a valid ID.


    • In case of cancellation of the transportation service, you must request a refund up to 72 hours before the date of your trip and send an email to The refund process takes between 3 to 5 business days, the amount to be returned It will be paid directly to your credit or debit card. Bolivian Time -4 hours Greenwich Mean Timen
    • The refund will be 80% of the total fare cancel (20% corresponded at to administration fees and taxes


    • According to the Bolivian laws of the Plurinational State of Bolivia all vehicles must obligatorily buy the Accident Insurance SOAT.
    • The Insurance SOAT covers up to 3.000.- American dollars in case of an accident and 3.000.-American dollars in case of death.
    • The Medical Centers and Hospitals are assigned by the Insurance Company.
    • In case that the injured does not accept the Hospitals or Medical Centers given by the Insurance Company, any charges in other Medical Centers or Hospitals are additional, which have to be paid by the injured or his/her personal Insurance Company.


La Paz

Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 2287038
WhatsApp +(591) 76974976
Pasaje Kramer Nro. 710, casi Av. Uruguay (subiendo las gradas) como referencia 100 antes de llegar a la terminal de buses
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado de horas 09:30 a 12:30 y 14:30 a 21:00
Domingo y feriados de horas 16:00 a 21:00
Somos una empresa que brinda conford y seguridad transportandolo a una maravilla natural del planeta.


Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 693-3337
Av. Cabrera 158, entre Av. Arce y calle Bolívar
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado, domingo y feriados de 07:30 a 12:30 y de 14:30 a 21:00