Our Work team

Our work team in Todo Turismo concentrates on quality, based on our team’s expertise, in-depth knowledge and passion for Bolivia, they will try their best to make your stay in Bolivia a worthwhile experience with it’s varied cultures, recognized world’s cultural and natural heritage sites, majestic wide wilderness and horizons of stunning natural beauty with travelers rewarding expectations.

All our policies and procedures reflect the culture of the company; a culture that accepts and welcomes diversity, different ideas and opinions, and a mindset that understands success is more than a monetary end result.

Our multicultural staff and professional partners. Our experienced team, beside of collaborative and enthusiastic approach to our customers, brings forth intimate knowledge of passenger’s back home culture, history, expectations and needs that add an immeasurable value to our organization’s culture. Therefore we intensify our day-to-day value and performances by way of our multi-cultural ideas that foster our strengths and resources.

We also understand that today’s a successful voyagers environment regarding Bolivian destination is simply not the sole addition of infrastructure to tourist attractions. Instead, we collaborate with our forward thinking local community partners with proven consulting processes to make possible new resources for their socio-economic empowerment, for gaining ideas and knowledge for their growth and service delivery improvement. This along with our key enabler and asset, our core team, allows our passengers to reach out globally to a broader community of cross-cultural experiences and to contribute Bolivian sustainable tourism development.

La Paz

Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 2287038
WhatsApp +(591) 76974976
Pasaje Kramer Nro. 710, casi Av. Uruguay (subiendo las gradas) como referencia 100 antes de llegar a la terminal de buses
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado de horas 09:30 a 12:30 y 14:30 a 21:00
Domingo y feriados de horas 16:00 a 21:00
Somos una empresa que brinda conford y seguridad transportandolo a una maravilla natural del planeta.


Venta de pasajes de bus:
Tel.+( 591) 2 693-3337
Av. Cabrera 158, entre Av. Arce y calle Bolívar
Horario de atención: De lunes a viernes de horas 09:00 a 21:00
Sábado, domingo y feriados de 07:30 a 12:30 y de 14:30 a 21:00